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Abbie Weeks

With a decade in the startup sector, creative problem solving is her thang’! Abbie believes anything is possible and focuses on connecting the right people at the right time – sometimes before they even know they need it! With her professional experience helping startups scale, Abbie is dedicated to streamlining our operations (read: systems!) to help make your real estate experience drama-free. Gifted at asking the difficult questions and advocating on your behalf, she’s also walked in your shoes as an entrepreneur, spouse, parent and neighbor. Abbie’s extensive list of clients will attest to the fact that she’s never too busy to ask about your family or demand pictures of your pets over coffee (or wine!). And as a 5th generation Atlanta native, nobody loves this city more. Ask a question and you’ll get a solution to a problem you didn’t know you had.

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Here’s how she operates:

Talk. ​Not sure you actually want to buy yet? No problem. The first conversation is super low-key. You ask questions while we learn about your goals. ​That’s it.
Team. ​When you’re ready to buy, ​we won’t miss a beat. From helping you get pre-approved to introducing you to your new neighbors, we’ll absorb the stressful bits and keep the enthusiasm high.
Toast. ​Toasting to your success is our favorite part of the job! ​We’ll celebrate on closing day, but our relationship doesn’t end there. Becoming forever friends is what we’re after. Here’s how we help you stay confident (and sane!):
  • We start with your financing. ​In a fast-paced market, having strategic financing in place will make or break your deal. We make sure you’re ready to put your best foot forward. ​(Spoiler alert: there’s more to it than your interest rate!)
  • Then, obsess over finding the perfect place. ​Zillow is fun to look at, but it doesn’t cover everything on the market. We​ scour o​n-and off- market properties, knocking on doors when we have to, until we crush your wish list.
  • Next, we make a winning offer with the right guardrails. ​Our super power is spotting imperfections on a property.​ ​Once we’re sure you’re in the clear, we align all the stars so your offer shines the brightest! ​(Hint: it’s about more than money!)
  • And, go into overdrive once you’re under contract. ​Most deals go south after you’re under contract (true story). ​Not here. ​We stay focused on your transaction so you close on time without surprises.